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Event Participatant List

Event Name:   Webelos II-Troop Campout
Event Date/Time:   Sat, Dec 8th, 2012 at 9:00 AM
Event Lead:   Steve Mazur
Description:   The Webelos II scouts will have an opportunity to experience camping as a Boy Scout in the Web II-Troop campout this December 8th-9th at Rural Hill. (Web II scouts to arrive Saturday morning at 9:00am.) Please note that this event for is Web II scouts only. For more information please contact our Asst CubMaster Steve Mazur.
Contact Confirmed Scout Den Leader Gender Adult Gender Child (Ages 1-18) Gender
Jesse S Hark SinghMale  
Bob L Bob LangMale  
Steven M Steven MazurMale  
Melissa T 
Bruce K 
Andrew B