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Event Participatant List

Event Name:   Scouts on Skis - 2013
Event Date/Time:   Mon, Jan 21st, 2013 at 7:30 AM
Event Lead:   Lisa Schurr
Description:   Location is Winterplace, WV. Pack 97 will coordinate registration however you are responsible for your own transportation to and from WV. If you miss the sign up deadline (Jan. 15, 2013) you may still attend and pay at the door.
Contact Confirmed Scout Den Leader Gender Adult Gender Child (Ages 1-18) Gender
John RJacob RBlue Phoenix John RMale 
Sasha TZachary TDragonsSasha TimkovichMaleElizabeth TFemale 
Jonathan HNicholas HCobrasJonathan HessMale  
Grey MRobert MHoney BadgersGrey MerrymanMaleLori MFemaleCharlie MMale
Peter DPeter (PJ) DLightning peter DMale 
Scallan JScallan ZCobrasScallan Joe MaleScallan AMaleScallan ZFemale
Joanna GKai GPegasus Joanna GFemaleLiam GMale
Melissa T Melissa ThomasFemale  
Brian DSage DCobras Brian DMale 
   Cheryl DFemale 
Doug CPatrick CLightning Caroly CFemale 
 Christian CCobras Doug CMale 
Matthew G Matthew GimbelMale