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Event Participatant List

Event Name:   Blue & Gold 2013
Event Date/Time:   Sun, Feb 10th, 2013 at 12:00 PM
Event Lead:   Tracie Brunt
Description:   We will be attending the 11 a.m. Mass then having the luncheon\Celebration at 12:15 p.m. Please come out and celebrate with us and watch as the Webelos II complete the Cub Scout Trail and move on into Boy Scouting. View the event flyer for complete details.
Contact Confirmed Scout Den Leader Gender Adult Gender Child (Ages 6-17) Gender Child (Ages 6-17) Gender
Fred Scorban sWolverinesfred setzerMalejeanne sFemalecara sFemale 
Sasha TZachary TDragonsSasha TimkovichMaleElizabeth TFemale  
Melissa T Melissa ThomasFemaleJohn TMale  
Joe EEvan EBeaversJoe ErnstMaleKerry EFemaleHaley EFemale 
Matthew G Matthew GimbelMaleAlyson GFemale  
   Frank GMale  
   Bonnie GFemale  
Kyle RChase RBlue PhoenixLisa RitchieFemaleKyle RMaleSkyler RMale 
    Branson RMale 
John RJacob RBlue Phoenix John RMale  
Bob L Lang BobMaleLang KFemaleLang TMale 
Steven MNick MLightningSteven MazurMaleTricia MFemaleKaitlyn MMale 
  Steven MazurMaleMike MMale  
   Sandy MFemale  
Kevin DNolan DPegasus Kevin DMaleNorah DFemaleColin DMale
   Stephanie DFemale Cara DFemale
Bruce K Kapit BruceMaleMelissa KFemaleStephanie KFemale 
   Bruce KMale  
Hope GDevon GBlue Phoenix Richard GMale  
   Hope GFemale  
Jake F Daniel FUOCOMale   
Tracie B  Mike BMale  
   Tracie BFemale  
Maureen BColin BBeavers Chris BMale Caroline BFemale
   Maureen BFemale  
Curtis MZyler MBlue Phoenix Curtis MMale Kalia MFemale
   Heidy MFemale  
Grey MRobert MHoney BadgersGrey MerrymanMaleLori MFemaleCharlie MMale 
John B   John BMale 
Hark SNeil SLightningHark SinghMaleRipple SFemale  
Michelle F  Michelle FFemaleKristen FFemale 
   Alex SMale  
Mike MAlex MLightningMike MalyszkoMalePatty MFemale  
Rob M Rob MontoMale Josh MMale 
Teddy S  Patty SFemaleSean SMale 
   Greg SMale  
Curtis DWill DDragonsCurtid DeSenaMaleJeanne DFemaleGrace DFemale 
    Madeleine DFemale 
Shannon SOwen SWolverines Shannon SMaleCarley SFemale 
   Jenny SFemale  
Justin GKai GPegasusJustin GillespieMaleJoanna GFemale Liam GMale
     Gabe GMale
     Greyson GMale
Bruce K Bruce KapitMaleMelissa KFemaleStephanie KFemale 
Doug CPatrick CLightning Doug CMale  
 Christian CCobras Caroly CFemale  
Zachary SZachart SCobrasJoe ScallanMaleAmanda SFemaleZoe SFemale 
Joe ALogan ADragons Joe AMale Melody AFemale
   Kristin AFemale Nora AFemale
Roxanne WIan WLightning Roxanne WMaleBrogan WMale 
   Jack RMale  
George GSilas GHoney BadgersGeorge GruberMale