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Event Participatant List

Event Name:   Safe Kids - Automotive Safety
Event Date/Time:   Sun, Apr 21st, 2013 at 2:30 PM
Event Lead:   Sasha Timkovich
Description:   Scouts and parents can learn about safety in and around cars and trucks. Sponsored by Parks Chevrolet in Huntersville, NC. Please register if you think there is a chance that might attend so that we can have materials on hand.
Contact Confirmed Scout Den Leader Gender Adult Gender Child (Ages 1-18) Gender
Sasha TZachary TDragonsSasha TimkovichMaleElizabeth TFemale 
Thomas CThomas CBlue Phoenix Anthony CMale 
John RJacob RBlue Phoenix John RMale 
   Denise RFemale 
Doug CPatrick CLightning Doug CMale 
 Christian CCobras Caroly CFemale 
Kai GKai GPegasusJustin GillespieMaleJoanna GFemaleLiam GMale
    Gabe GMale
    Greyson GMale
Holly HNicholas HCobras Holly HFemale 
Steve BJames BCobras Steven BMaleAndrew BMale
Kyle RChase RBlue PhoenixLisa RitchieFemaleKyle RMale 
Isaiah LIsaiah LBlue Phoenix Erik LMaleRebecca LFemale
   Joan LFemale 
Colin BColin BLightning Chris BMale 
Ernst JEvan EBeaversJoe ErnstMale  
Curtis DWill DDragonsCurtis DeSenaMale  
Hope GDevon GBlue Phoenix Richard GMale 
Sean RBen RWolverinesSean RyanMale Sarah RFemale
    Katherine RFemale
    Anna RFemale
Fred SCorban SWolverinesFred SetzerMaleJeanne SFemaleCara SFemale
Erik LIsaiah LBlue Phoenix Erik LMaleElijah LMale
   Joan LFemaleRebecca LFemale
Tom HIan HWolverinesTom HartMaleDeanna HFemale 
Jacob SJacob SCobras Lisa SFemale 
   David SMale 
Ray HMatthew HDragons Amy HFemale