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Event Participatant List

Event Name:   Pack Hike - Rocky Face Park
Event Date/Time:   Sun, Aug 25th, 2013 at 9:00 AM
Event Lead:   Sasha Timkovich
Description:   Pack 97's August hike will be to the Rocky Face Mountain Recreational Area.
Contact Confirmed Scout Den Leader Gender Adult Gender Child (Ages 1-18) Gender
Sasha TZachary TDragonsSasha TimkovichMale  
Joe SZachary SCobras Joe SMale 
Curtis MMarkwell ZBlue PhoenixMarkwell Curtis MaleMarkwell HFemaleMarkwell KFemale
John RJacob RBlue Phoenix John RMale 
   Denise RMale 
Tiana LNathan LBlue Phoenix Tiana LFemale 
 Nicholas LBlue Phoenix   
Peter FMatthew FDragons Peter FMale 
Greg BKevin BBeaversGreg BronzertMale  
Richard GDevon GBlue Phoenix Richard GMale 
   Eric NMale 
Kevin DNolan DDragonsKevin DonaghyMale  
Laruffa IIsaiah LLightning Eriik LMale