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The hiking program runs year round and consists of monthly hikes at interesting locations around the Charlotte area.

Most hikes are within an hour's drive although sometimes we venture farther afield and are about 2 to 4 miles long. They are appropriate for all ranks from Tiger to Webelos. All scouts, families and siblings of Pack 97 are welcome to participate.

Click here for complete details on the hiking program including a list of the medallions that are awarded.

The hiking schedule for 2016-2017 is now available. The online calendar has also been updated to reflect this schedule of pack hikes.

Contact Pack 97's Hike Chief at


100 Miler Club

Chase H.
Colin B.
Dean B.
Evan E.
Gabriel G.
Jake S.
Jay B.
Kevin B.
Michael L.
Zeb K.

Total Miles by Scout
Scout Den/Patrol Total Miles
Addison F.Beavers43
Aidan M.Pegasus56
Alex H.Cobras3
Alex L.Den 116
Alex P.Den 45
Beckett T.Den 24
Ben B.Den 634
Blake H.FBRD4
Bodhi H.Pegasus25
Brady M.Den 62
Brian C.Den 612
Bryce T.FBRD36
Caleb C.Den 229
Camden C.Den 49
Cameron S.Den 113
Carson W.Pegasus3
Chase B.Den 157
Chase H.Pegasus45
Christian C.Cobras44
Christian D.Den 45
Coleman C.Cobras2
Colin B.Beavers70
Colin D.Den 296
Connor F.FBRD28
Conor A.Den 440
Cooper R.Pegasus37
Corey Q.Cobras7
Dean B.Beavers100
Declan F.Den 1030
Devyn G.Pegasus7
Dillon A.Den 266
DJ K.Den 635
Dominic O.Den 43
Dylan D.FBRD38
Elliot K.FBRD82
Ethan H.Den 45
Ethan L.Den 288
Evan E.Beavers112
Finn S.Pegasus4
Flint H.Den 1011
Foster H.Cobras21
Gabriel D.Den 1028
Gabriel G.Beavers74
Gabriel M.Pegasus20
Grayson S.Den 1012
Griffin R.Den 425
Jack R.Den 437
Jairo C.Den 65
Jake S.Cobras103
James B.Cobras22
Jay B.Den 1128
Jeffrey H.FBRD16
Kaden O.Den 1025
Keaton T.Den 103
Kevin B.Beavers110
Liam M.Den 429
Liam M.Den 62
Liam T.FBRD15
Logan M.Den 65
Logan S.Den 42
Lorcan B.Cobras6
Louis M.Den 65
Lucas B.Den 617
Lukas P.Den 618
Max D.Beavers28
Michael L.FBRD100
Moulik G.Den 224
Nicholas H.Cobras29
Oscar W.Den 117
Peyton F.Den 224
Philip K.Pegasus19
Phoenix B.Den 46
Porter F.Den 410
Rhett R.Den 102
Riley C.Den 1019
Sage D.Cobras66
Sam G.Pegasus19
Samuel S.Den 618
Santiago L.Den 1011
Seth B.FBRD32
Thomas L.Cobras20
Trevor S.Den 227
Xavier R.Den 613
Zachary S.Cobras44
Zeb K.Den 2121