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List of Hikes for Kevin Bronzert (Beavers)

Hike Name Hike Type Date Miles
Stone Mountain - 2012 - Short HikePackSun, Sep 30th, 20123
Pack Hike - Morrow MtPackSun, Nov 18th, 20125
Tiger den hike to LattaDenSun, Dec 9th, 20123
Tiger den hike to LattaDenSun, Mar 17th, 20133
2013 Storm Drain Project - Day 1PackFri, May 3rd, 20131
South Mountains State Park - Falls OnlyPackSun, Jun 16th, 20133
Rocky Face ParkPackSun, Aug 25th, 20134
Pharr Yarns PreservePackSun, Sep 22nd, 20134
Den 3 Popcorn BlitzDenSun, Sep 29th, 20132
2013 Fall Campout HikePackSat, Oct 19th, 20133
Den 3 hike around LattaDenSun, Dec 8th, 20132
Lake James - Mill Creek TrailPackSun, May 4th, 20144
Den 3 Reedy CreekDenSun, Jun 29th, 20144
Landsford Canal State ParkPackSun, Jul 20th, 20143
Bakers Mountain ParkPackSun, Sep 14th, 20144
Pack hike at LattaPackSun, Dec 14th, 20144
McDowell Creek GreenwayPackSun, Jun 21st, 20155
Geocaching at Jetton ParkDenSat, Jun 27th, 20153
Stone Mountain State ParkPackSun, Aug 16th, 20156
Love Valley TrailPackSat, Nov 14th, 20154
Latta Hike before Weed WarriorsPackSat, Dec 5th, 20154
Cowpens National BattlefieldPackSat, Jan 16th, 20163
Reedy CreekDenSun, Jan 17th, 20164
UNCC GreenwayPackSat, Feb 20th, 20164
Crowders Mtn - Beaver Patrol CampoutDenSat, Apr 16th, 20168
South Fork TrailPackSat, May 14th, 20164
Crowders Mountain SPPackSat, Aug 13th, 20164
Hike and Sell - WynfieldDenSun, Oct 9th, 20163
Total Miles 104