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List of Hikes for Zachary S. (Cobras)

Hike Name Hike Type Date Miles
Stone Mountain 2012 - LongPackSun, Sep 30th, 20127
Pack Hike - Morrow MtPackSun, Nov 18th, 20125
Tiger den hike to LattaDenSun, Dec 9th, 20123
Tiger Den 5 hike to LattaDenSun, Jan 13th, 20133
Pack Hike - Crowders Mt St ParkPackSun, Feb 24th, 20135
Hanging Rock State ParkPackSat, May 11th, 20135
Old Sweetwater Village Nature HikePackSat, Jun 1st, 20131
Rocky Face ParkPackSun, Aug 25th, 20134
2013 Fall Campout HikePackSat, Oct 19th, 20133
Anne Springs Close GreenwayPackSun, Nov 10th, 20135
Boones Cave ParkDenSat, Sep 10th, 20163
Total Miles 44