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List of Hikes for Davis Lucey (Dragons)

Hike Name Hike Type Date Miles
Pharr Yarns PreservePackSun, Sep 22nd, 20134
Maize Maze at Rural HillDenSat, Oct 5th, 20133
Anne Springs Close GreenwayPackSun, Nov 10th, 20135
Bear Den hike at LattaDenSun, Jan 19th, 20144
Bear hike at the Raptor CenterDenSun, Jan 19th, 20142
Den 9 hike to LNSPDenSun, Feb 23rd, 20145
2014 Storm Drain ProjectPackSun, Mar 30th, 20142
Bear den hike at LattaDenFri, Apr 11th, 20142
Total Miles 27