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List of Hikes for Christopher Hoyt (Den 7)

Hike Name Hike Type Date Miles
Den 7 Hike to LattaDenSun, Feb 23rd, 20142
Bakers Mountain ParkPackSun, Sep 14th, 20144
Den 7 hike to LattaDenSun, Sep 21st, 20144
Wolf hike to LattaDenSun, Oct 12th, 20143
Tour of GrimesPackSat, Oct 18th, 20142
Four Mile GreenwayPackSat, Nov 15th, 20144
Den 7 hike at LattaDenSun, Dec 7th, 20143
Den 7 hike at LattaDenSun, Jan 25th, 20153
Total Miles 25