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List of Hikes for Peyton F. (Nuclear Penguins)

Hike Name Hike Type Date Miles
Bear dens to Rural HillDenSun, Aug 24th, 20143
Tiger Hike at Rural HillDenFri, Sep 26th, 20142
Tour of GrimesPackSat, Oct 18th, 20142
Tiger hike at the Whitewater CenterDenSat, Jan 31st, 20154
Morrow Mt State ParkPackSat, Sep 19th, 20155
Fall Campout Belk Perimeter Tr.DenSat, Oct 17th, 20153
Charlotte Uptown Urban HikeDenFri, Oct 23rd, 20153
Latta Dens 1,2 Compass HikeDenSat, Dec 19th, 20152
Total Miles 24