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Religious Emblems Program


The religious emblems programs are created by the various religious groups to encourage youth to grow stronger in their faith. The religious groups - not the Boy Scouts of America - have created the religious emblems programs themselves.

The religious emblems programs will be presented to youth members and their families as an optional program for them to complete through their religious organization with support from our Pack. Religious instruction will come from the religious organization and/or family, not from the unit leaders. The Pack will provide the required materials and support any scout who wishes to complete the religious program for any faith.

This year we are trying to get the program started a bit earlier to give all scouts more time to complete the program. So that we can have the appropriate workbooks available by late November, we are asking everyone who is interested in participating in the religious emblems program this year to register by Monday, November 16th. When registering, please be sure to enter your faith to ensure the proper materials are purchased.

If you have any questions, please contact our Pack Chaplain at

For more information on the BSA's Religious Emblems Program including links to individual faith programs, please follow this link: